The “something” that’s right with me

Too often we focus on what's wrong with us. What's your diagnosis? Depressed? Borderline? Paranoid Schizophrenic? Panic Disorder? All of these terms are just a way to develop ways to help people. Put a name to the thing that's "wrong" with you and now you have a section in a textbook to look at to [...]

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I Can’t Remember and That Makes Me Anxious

It pisses me off that I can't remember things. My memory used to be so great. I could recall tiny details of things that happened in college or wild nights that I had in high school. I've been told that anxiety and trauma influence your memory. For example, when you experience a traumatic event, you [...]

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Anxiety is Excessive Energy But it is Exhausting

Hey Anxiety, I am tired. Here is how you make me feel: I want to lay down but my heart is racing and my brain is a suitcase packed with thoughts and only some of them are recognizable or able to be decoded. I can't distinguish one thought from another and I am beginning to [...]

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Stay during my storm

I don't want you to leave me. I am scared that you will. But don't please. I can't imagine a world without you in it. My life is better with you around. Listening, validating, talking to me about how it can be...better. How I can get better. I know how hard you try to be [...]

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Try to understand my anxiety

We connect but sometimes I feel like I am speaking another language. Maybe it's my fault. Maybe it's "my anxiety." My heart races when I wake up in the morning and I grab your arm for support. You try to tell me it's going to be fine and I want to believe that, but I [...]

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My Brain

It's my brain, but I didn't ask for it. We are all born with a brain, this we know, but what we are not responsible for is what makes up our brains. My brain or my mind has a way of doing its own thing. Sometimes I'm surprised at the thoughts it has. Sometimes I [...]

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Pepper Joy Greggs – Depression Got Me Like

Depression got me like I'm worthless... I will be alone forever... I am no good for anything more than to be a trash can for my rapist's poison. I am so worthless that I am just the vessel for his filth... and shame on me for reeking after the fact. Depression got me like This [...]

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Be with me

You said you would be with me no matter what happened. You told me that even though I was "crazy" you would stay. You said it was fine. "It'll be fine." Well, it doesn't feel fine. It feels like everything is falling apart at the seams. I'm watching our relationship crumble in front of me. [...]

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