Stigma Fighters: Shari J. Ryan

Anxiety Is My Super Power By Shari J. Ryan Sometimes, I care too much about silly things. Silly things like the weather, making mistakes, or whether or not someone likes the person I am or the books I write. I think the way I am may be considered unhealthy to some. However, telling me not [...]

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Stigma Fighters: Casey Ryan

What does an anxiety attack feel like? When Sarah Fader first asked me to write for Stigma Fighters a few weeks ago, I initially felt a sudden rush of pride and excitement. I pictured how liberating it would be to finally go public in discussing my anxiety attacks after having bottled it up inside for [...]

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Stigma Fighters: Nic Newling

It’s funny. I wouldn’t say I’m usually overly careful with my words. I’d never intentionally hurt someone of course but at the same time I’m also not one to walk on eggshells. It’s quite different here in Australia like that. Our culture has plenty of unusual quirks and many of them are tied to the [...]

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Stigma Fighters: Christine Campbell

Rid the stigma-we are warriors!! I celebrated 23 years of sobriety this past January and finished my final project for my Master’s degree last week. I am an A student by the grace of God, and I put my all into my work no matter what the task or requirement is. I reflect back to [...]

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Stigma Fighters: Shelly Buliani

My grandmother is one of the great loves of my life. It’s a child-like love that is reckless and without boundary. As a kid, I always knew that my grandmother – Nani - loved me. While I offered cuddles, Nani offered chores. I think of it as army-style affection. You know… The cold and commanding [...]

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Stigma Fighters: Catherine Stone

OPEN LETTER TO SOCIETY Dear society, People who suffer from mental illness are not second-class citizens. They are not jokes, they are not puns, they are not attention-seekers. Their lives are not worth any less than your own and their illnesses are no different from those you call 'physical', as if though the brain was [...]

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Worst Friend Ever to Friend with Depression- Ep.1 by @rachelgriffin22 and @osnsmom

Rachel Griffin, a passionate mental health advocate, and Sarah Fader, CEO of Stigma Fighters, made a video recently about the worse friend ever to a friend struggling with depression. The dynamic duo calls themselves "Anxiety Gals." As people living with mental illness, we've heard our fair share of advice on how to cope with our [...]

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Stigma Fighters: Raylynn Sleight

I've often wondered what depression would look like from the inside out. If we could use a microscope and snap a photo of what it looked like festering and burning inside someone's body, I would submit that it would be a frightening sight and one that we would never forget. So, why is it that [...]

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Stigma Fighters : Jonathan Harnisch

People With Depression Cannot 'Snap Out Of It' People with depression cannot “snap out of it.” My moods change frequently, and I am currently depressed. There is nothing more depressing than suffering from depression and still feeling sad. So, what's the point? Will it pass? No doubt. I forget what it's like to smile, and [...]

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