Scott Kennedy

I am happy that my father is dead. I am happy that my family is dead. They’re dead and they can’t hurt me anymore. I don’t miss them, even now during the holiday season, I really don’t miss them. Call me a monster, tell me that I am a horrible person for saying such things, [...]

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Cutting Out Toxic People Including Family

There may be people in your life who do not understand that you have a mental illness. Well, let's rephrase that: they might not know how to relate to you because they can't conceptualize what mental illness is, and how it impacts your life. These folks can include your family members, which makes matters more [...]

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I Didn’t Know it Was PTSD- I thought it was BPD

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is a disorder in which the person relives a traumatic event. Complex PTSD is a psychological disorder that is linked to repetitive, prolonged traumatic incidents. The trauma involves harm and/or abandonment by a caregiver, such as a parent or family member, or an interpersonal relationship that has an unbalanced power dynamic. People [...]

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You can’t make your family accept you, you can only accept that they don’t – Sarah Smith

You can’t make your family accept you, you can only accept that they don’t  By Sarah Smith My sister wouldn’t talk to me for almost five years. The original story from my perspective was she was mad at me for not working while I was getting multiple panic attacks a day while pregnant with my [...]

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Hiding My Depression Was Easy – Sarah Fader

Hiding my depression as a teenager, in some ways, was easy. I was an actress, so I became adept at acting "normal." I was great pretending not to be depressed. Holding my emotions inside became habitual. It was something that I believed was necessary so that people weren't worried about me or worse, judgmental of my stability. In the [...]

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Getting Sober is a Process

Many of us have an addict in our lives, whether that person's addiction is alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, compulsive spending or sex it's still an addiction. People associate getting sober as something we do from drugs and alcohol, but it can be a variety of things. Regardless of what the "drug" of choice is, it's difficult [...]

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Worthy of anger

For years I thought I was not worthy of love. He told me all the things I was doing wrong and how I had failed my family. I believed him because he seemed like he knew everything and I wanted him to love me. It was difficult to accept that he did love me and this [...]

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The Silent Child, The Loud Woman- Sarah Fader

As a child I was introverted. I lived in my own small world where I imagined different scenarios. I thought about safe imaginary places where my brain was calm instead of what was actually happening inside. There is much of being a small child that I can't actually remember. I recall bits and pieces of [...]

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To our valued readers:

To our valued readers, contributors, and community members: Today I write to you on behalf of Stigma Fighters’ Board of Directors and our CEO, Sarah Fader, to express our most deeply felt apology for any offense that was caused by a recent article published to our blog, “MeToo? Probably Not.” Your feedback is valuable and [...]

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