Lies Depression Tells Us and Good Comebacks

We've heard the express "depression lies." Depression makes you cry with its awful lies sometimes. It can leave you feeling powerless, tired, and even scared. Depression tags along; it's a third wheel. I've thought about ways to fight it rather than let it sit in my body and annoy the shit out of me. Finally, [...]

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Depression is a Fucking Bully

My mind doesn't want to stop moving. It hurts me and it tells me to give up. I'm tired and I just want to lay down. I can't stop these thoughts, these feelings are too much for my brain to handle. I'm overwhelmed with anger. I can't control anything right now or ever. Life is [...]

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Be The Best Version of Yourself

I've thought about living with mental health issues from a variety of perspectives. I try to view it like this: living with bipolar disorder is something that I do. I manage the symptoms of my mental illness and I live my best life. Every person has problems or challenges they deal with. Life is funny, [...]

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What Would You Say if Nobody Knew it Was You Talking?

I want you to think about something: what would you reveal if you had the opportunity to say anything? We all have secrets that we haven't shared for a variety of reasons. I am an incredibly open person. I've worked my entire life to be this way. Still I have a rich internal world that I'm [...]

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Online Counseling Helps People With Social Anxiety

When I'm at a party, I usually find one person to talk to or I find a dog, a cat or even an iguana to talk to. The reason for my behavior is that I have severe social anxiety. I appear to be extroverted, but in actuality, I am an introvert. I would rather be [...]

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Britney Shelton

When I was a child my mother’s drug addiction was a prominent force in her life and that also meant that it was a big part of mine. It became one of the major causes of our unending, toxic, family dysfunction, but her crack-cocaine addiction and polysubstance dependence couldn’t hold a candle to her mismanaged [...]

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Giving People Space to Process Their Feelings – By Sarah Fader CEO

One of the challenges that I have in my life is knowing when to give people space to process their own feelings. I want to be involved in helping my friends and loved ones. My inclination is to provide them with helpful solutions so that they can better more through their pain. I am a person [...]

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How Mental Illness Impacts Relationships – by CEO Sarah Fader

When you have a mental illness (or mental health issues) they are bound to impact your interpersonal relationships. As people living with mental illness, we experience a wide array of symptoms depending on our diagnosis. From the highs of mania to the hallucinations of schizophrenia - your partner is bound to be impacted by these [...]

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What the Negative Thought Bubbles Are Telling Me – Sarah Schuster

What the Negative Thought Bubbles Are Telling Me by Sarah Schuster I call them “negative thought bubbles” because those are the only words I can access at the time. Lying in my high school boyfriend’s bed, I explain to him matter-of-factly he has to let me be until all the bubbles pop. *Pop* You’re a [...]

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