Drowning – Budgie Bigelow

I’m drowning. I’m drowning and I’m terrified. The water is deep, dark, and cold. I’m so close to my house, but there’s nobody around to help me. I reach out, my white hand breaking the dark water, grasping for someone, anyone. But there’s no one. My hand falls, rippling the water as it goes back [...]

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3 Reasons Jesus isn’t An Anti-Depressant

Jesus isn’t an anti-depressant. There is some sort of misconception among Christians that faith and prayer to Jesus is some sort of cure-all for mental illness. Instead of viewing mental illness as a physiological illness, they treat it like a spiritual one that the mystic powers of Jesus alone can heal. Now, I’m not knocking [...]

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Sparklle Rainne – DEATHMATCH: The Battle Between Co-Morbid Illnesses

Let's have a little chat about co-morbidity, shall we?   Many people with mental health conditions receive multiple diagnoses. I am one of those people! In fact, I have 19 diagnoses total if we include my physical health problems. Co-morbidity is common. According to the ADAA, almost half of people diagnosed with an anxiety disorder [...]

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Richard DeFino – Doctor Shopping

  In 2013, years after being diagnosed with a handful of mental health disorders including PTSD and depression, I finally decided to find a doctor with the hopes of alleviating the state of my mental health condition and get my life back on track. I went on a quest for healing, where I longed for [...]

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Living As A Highly Sensitive Person & Learning To Manage Your Mind

Living As A Highly Sensitive Person & Learning To Manage Your Mind I've been a highly sensitive person with anxiety, and depressive moods my whole life. But I’ve never been officially diagnosed. It should have been obvious from the beginning. My parents moved house to send me to a safe junior school. My first school [...]

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Teens Can Have Real Mental Health Issues

Depression and any other mental illness doesn't care about how old you are. Teenagers suffer from mental illness like adults do. Just because you’re a teenager doesn’t mean that your depression is a phase. Teenagers can have clinical depression and it is extremely real. It isn’t fair to judge them that way, to believe they can't have mental illness [...]

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Childhood Therapist – Sarah Fader

I recall sitting in her office. She was warm and had a lovely smile. My childhood therapist. I didn’t know her name and I had no idea why I was there but my parents took me to her every week after nursery school. I played with G.I. Joe’s small plastic figurines; they were always saving [...]

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