Foster Care & The Shame Spiral – LISA MARIE BASILE

Foster Care & The Shame Spiral  Lisa Marie Basile  For as long as I remember, loss was the ghost that haunted my world. I knew it too early: as a child, my parents both used drugs and fought and struggled to pay rent. We’d move from house to house, and then to homeless shelters—with my [...]

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Grieving When Someone Dies By Suicide

Trigger warning- suicide It’s hard to understand when someone takes their own life. Suicide is a tragedy and it leaves the family wondering what happened; especially if there is no note left behind. What we do know is that the person who passed away was in pain. After their death, it's normal to grieve for [...]

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Why Aren’t My Feelings Valid

Nobody sees me in my family. I have feelings and I express those feelings but they are not heard. I feel like I am screaming as loud as I can and yet still, they ignore me or don't understand what I am trying to tell them. What I am saying isn't unreasonable or strange, in [...]

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Being Alone And Secretly Liking It

I was told that I was asocial, that it was a part of my personality disorder. I don't know what they meant by that. I sat in the doctor's office looking at these degrees that were framed in black frames on the wall. He seemed to love himself a lot. I don't know what was [...]

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I Finally Saw My Body And Got Help

Counting calories was the only way that I knew how to control anything in my life. My mother used to call me fat. But I wasn’t. I didn’t understand why she would do this to me. It tortured me. I remember my favorite snack after school: Hostess Cupcakes. I can still taste them in my [...]

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I Want to Sabotage My Happiness

I want to sabotage the potential that I could be happy. I can see happiness as something that is an option for the future. If I look into the distance I see it as an exit off of the road. It's something that I could drive to, but it's not easily accessed. I want it [...]

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