Welcome to Stigma Fighters: a mental health non-profit organization dedicated to helping real people living with mental illness.

Stigma Fighters has been featured on Good Day New York, Psychology Today, Women’s Health Magazine, and The Washington Post.

In February 2014 CEO and Founder Sarah Fader wrote an article for The Huffington Post about living with panic disorder and depression. She wrote it because she wanted to show the world that there are people living with mental illness who are not just homeless or institutionalized. There are those of us who are living within the confines of society.

There are teachers, doctors, lawyers, psychologists, actors, writers all living with mental illness. These are the stories that need to be told; the people who seem to be “regular” or “normal” people but are actually hiding a big secret. They are living with an invisible illness. They are struggling to function like the rest of society.

It is Stigma Fighters’ mission to raise awareness for people who are seemingly “normal” but actually fighting hard to survive.

If you are living with mental illness and you want to share your story, please fill in the form HERE. We look forward to fighting the stigma of mental illness one story at a time.

  • Kitt O’Malley

    Thank you, Sarah Fader, for creating stigmafighteers.com!

    • http://www.LizBarnett.me/ Liz Barnett

      Just so you know, you spelled it wrong. 😛

      • http://www.LizBarnett.me/ Liz Barnett

        PS I have OCD.

        • Stigma Fighters

          I love you LIZ!

      • Kitt O’Malley

        Thanks, Liz! I deleted the extra e.

        • http://www.LizBarnett.me/ Liz Barnett

          You’re welcome. 🙂 I deleted my comments so it doesn’t highlight the issue. 😛

  • jholl99

    Awesome site and well needed in this world!

    • Stigma Fighters

      Thank you SO much. I totally agree!

  • Megan C.

    Such important work.

    • Stigma Fighters

      Thank you Megan, that means so much to me!

  • http://www.LizBarnett.me/ Liz Barnett

    Stigma Fighters has been very helpful in my own development as a person with a mental illness. I was already sharing my story on the internet but it was kind of the life equivalent of sticking my head out of a back room and whispering that I was mentally ill. Now that I’m screaming it from the mountaintops, it is helping me to recognize the bit of stigma I had left inside of myself and encouraging others to share their stories. It is very liberating.

    • Stigma Fighters

      I’m so glad to hear this. We must keep sharing our stories as a community so that we can end stigma. Reading this comment makes my day!

  • Maria S.

    Such an honor to be a part of this much-needed campaign. It’s all about awareness, awareness, awareness! Screw stigma!!

    • Stigma Fighters

      Screw stigma indeed! And I am honored to have you!

  • http://traumadad.blogspot.ca/ Trauma Dad

    This is a great place for people to stand up for who they are as people. Breaking silence means we will not accept discrimination.

    • Stigma Fighters

      Absolutely! Breaking silence is what it’s all about.

  • gabe

    I love stigma fighters! 🙂 And not just because I am one (http://stigmafighters.com/stigma-fighters-gabe-h/) ..

    I love it because it let’s me know I am not alone and all these GREAT people are out there. There is safety in numbers.

    Kudos to this site!

  • Sabrina

    Amazing work happening here! So amazing to create a forum for raising awareness about mental illness and creating a safe, healthy community for all the Stigma Fighters and their allies!

    • Stigma Fighters

      Thank you my dear!!

  • Keira Knowlton

    It’s been such a pleasure being a stigma fighter and being able to share my story of struggles and success. I’ve gained hope from all the other sigma fighters and I hope that I’ve brought hope to someone else’s life. Keep fighting, never give up and never be afraid to reach out.

    • Stigma Fighters

      Thank you so much for sharing your story! I’m honored to have your voice on here!

  • Linda_Roy_elleroy_was_here

    Sarah, what you are doing is so important and so necessary. Thank you so much and know that I will do anything I can to help with the fight. We live in an age where so many stigmas have been crushed and I truly believe this one is next. More people are speaking out. We’re here, sometimes we’re devoid of cheer…get used to it!

    • Stigma Fighters

      Your words made me feel less alone. I value your writing and voice so much my friend. xoxo

  • Lady Anxiety

    Writing an entry for stigma fighters has been one of the most difficult and rewarding things I have done in a long time! Thank you so much for the opportunity and the amazing work you are doing raising awareness for mental illness and giving people like me a chance to tell our stories!

    • Stigma Fighters

      You really are a young old person. Love your essay and love your voice.

  • Philip B.

    Stigma Fighters has become a wonderfully cathartic way to not only recognize the growing solidarity of the community of people who live with mental health issues, but is also a wonderful way to educate about the nature of living with mental health, and the broad spectrum of who is impacted by it. I’m glad to be able to share my story!

    • Stigma Fighters

      Your story was brutally honest and will undoubtedly help so many my friend.

  • Sarah C

    My submission to Stigma Fighters a few months ago was a cathartic process — growing up as the child of an alcoholic, my hard-wiring cringes away from speaking up or speaking out about mental illness or hardship. I never realized that this “under-rug-swept” attitude was as a result of social stigma surrounding mental illness until I came across Stigma Fighters. Now I see it every where, and I am very proud to be a part of the fight to break it apart. This site has also been a useful tool when speaking with friends and loved ones about the damage of social stigmatization — I’ve been able to refer them to Stigma Fighters both as a way to validate their own story and also as a way to legitimize the emotional experience of being stigmatized. I’m very grateful for this movement.

    • Stigma Fighters

      I’m so grateful to have your voice as a part of this series. 🙂 Sarah, you rock!

  • MaggieMay1974

    I was so happy to share my own story on this important site. Thank you for the work you do, Sarah!

    • Stigma Fighters

      I loved your piece, Maggie! I am honored to have your story on here. Thank you for being a part of this site. 🙂

  • Stephanie Federico

    Stigma Fighters is doing an awesome job of exposing the reality of mental illness. I’m really happy to have had the chance to be apart of the cause!

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  • Grant Huhn

    Thank you so much for working to reduce the stigma around mental illness. This is an important, personal issue for me.

  • http://about.me/athenamoberg Athena Moberg, CPC

    Sarah Fader, I cannot thank you enough. Truly. Writing my piece for Stigma Fighters and reading all of the other “works of beautiful art” have been an integral part of my healing; not only from my years of child abuse, but from the re-victimization that resulted from it. Thank you Sarah. Thank you does not seem adequate, but thank you nonetheless. I love being here on this journey with all of you! All my best, Athena Moberg

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