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Stigma Fighters : Smiiffy

Hey, my name's Josh. I go by the name of Smiiffy.  I'm a twenty year old musician from Birmingham in the UK. I aim to stop the stigma on mental health and in order to do this, I speak about my own mental health issues. For around 4 years I've suffered with severe anxiety and [...]

Stigma Fighters : Nicole Lyons

My Survival Story In the midst of one the worst depressive episodes I had ever endured I made the decision to end my life. I was meticulous in the details and in the execution of my plan. Depression told me that I was worthless, a failure in all aspects of my life. Repeating poor choice [...]

Stigma Fighters : Phoebe Pummarachai

My story is like any other book in an enormous library. Kept for records, collecting dust, sitting in an isolated nook in a forgotten corner. I'm not trying to downplay my struggles. I know that every story has its purpose. It's measure of influence on lives and society. But I also don't want to come [...]

Stigma Fighters : H.M. Jones

I took a bottle of pills when I was fifteen. It wasn’t the right kind, or maybe it was, depending on the desired result. But I was trying to die and I didn’t, so I guess it was the wrong or right kind of pills. I took them to drown out the guilt, the anger. [...]


Once upon a time, there was a woman who recognized a need for a centralized place where people affected by mental illnesses could come together and tell their stories. That woman's name is Sarah Fader, and her international non-profit organization is called Stigma Fighters. A grand community was built from such an idea that encouraged [...]

Stigma Fighters : Christian Fennell

In Death I Dream of You Yet See me dying, withered and decaying between crisp white sheets. I wait for the prick of the needle. It comes and the warm reprieve takes me again. I run. Dark and empty city streets. I stop, my heart pounding and resounding in my head. Thin pools of water [...]

Stigma Fighters : Stephanie Paige

Mommy Is Not Going To Kill Herself Recently my young daughter, Sophia, has forced me to listen to a popular local radio station. Normally, I enjoy what I call classic rock (or 80s rock which makes me feel old now that it's called 'classic'). I gave in to her request being that her recital songs [...]

Stigma Fighters: Marty Baker

No one is too far away to be cared for, or to care. by Marty Baker "I never know how Fran is doing, not really. She can seem so fragile, so close to the edge, so hurt and hurting ... and then the next moment we are laughing, or mad at each other. I’m learning [...]

Stigma Fighters : Blue Light Blue

My dad was slowly changing before my eyes. He turned inward, he became quieter, more detached. he stopped asking me questions and stopped listening when I told him about my day. Instead of playing with me on the weekends he would take naps. He stopped smiling and the light went out of his eyes. I [...]

Stigma Fighters : Emily J.

We all know how people talk when there’s news of a suicide; “He was so successful and funny. He must not have known how many people loved him.” Sometimes you’ll hear the less sympathetic words like “cowardly” or oversimplified sayings like the popular “suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.” Here’s the thing- [...]