Please Hear My Voice

Society says you are responsible for your own happiness
Easier said for some
Society says Happiness is a choice
I don’t know where my depression comes from
Please hear my voice!

My depression is real
Depression is not my choice
I want to heal
Please hear my voice!

My tears roll off my face
My chest is tight
My heart is in a marathon race
Help me with this fight
Please hear my voice!

I have everything I want
Why do I feel hollow inside?
Please don’t taunt
I just want to hide
Please hear my voice!

I need a helping hand
Society doesn’t turn the blind eye
Get your heads out of the sand
I want to cry
Please hear my voice!

I don’t want to be down and out
I dream of feeling merry
Help me end this depression bout
Society please don’t be wary
Please hear my voice!

Society wake up!
Depression is a mental illness
I am sick not a screwup
Stop with the prejudicialness
Please hear my voice!





















My name is Mary Hannah Hardison. I am an eleventh grader in boarding school at Brewster Academy in New Hampshire. I am from North Carolina. Depression is real and society must start addressing it as a mental illness.