They say that you should talk about it
They say you should not hide it
And yet every little bit
That I admit

I am met with the same bland sympathy
That causes such an illness to seem so unique
To make every thought seem so bleak
And forms every tear upon my cheek

I know it is hard to understand
How the brain could make a pain so strong
That someone could be in such a headspace for so long
So let me paint such a picture for you

Every childhood memory has been soiled with black
By the creator responsible for love and caring
Every social interaction has been poisoned
By the eggshells placed around my house

Every compliment or praise
Has been stolen by the man who had none.

So maybe now you can use this picture in an effort to help someone

Flora Lister is a Junior from Orcas Island Highschool, who struggles with anxiety and depression. This poem was inspired by the Island she lives on, and the beautiful puget sound.