And sometimes all I want
Is to fall into the sea
And sometimes others happiness is a taunt
And other times I need it to distract me

Always I want to drive for miles on end
But never will it suffice
For my same problems are around the bend
And only in my dreams is there paradise

And soon I fall into the ground
And soon she takes me away
And in this life, I am drowned
And in this life, I am astray

For I am lonely in a crowd
For I am lonely all alone
To the outside, I must be proud
For they cannot see the faltering bone

At times I can forget
At times I can feel free
But then my limbs are wet
And I fall into the sea

Flora Lister is a Junior from Orcas Island Highschool, who struggles with anxiety and depression. This poem was inspired by the Island she lives on, and the beautiful puget sound