Stigma Fighters: Nicole Campbell

Land of the (not so stigma) Free I am livid. I am so frustrated and hurt that I am physically shaking. As someone who almost lost their life to a treatable condition because of negative stereotypes, misinformation, and stigmatizing jokes, I will not laugh when a presidential candidate insults their opponents by implying they are [...]

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Stigma Fighters: Jenny Hill

Hello. I have wrote for Stigma Fighters previously about my Trich once before. You may or may not know what it is depending on if you've heard about it or have it yourself or perhaps know someone who has it. A month after I submitted my essay to Stigma Fighters I wrote another essay or [...]

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Stigma Fighters: Rachel Gearinger

When you have a mental illness, it’s customary to look back on your life and try to decipher when it all started. I’ll start with this: I’ve always felt different. That might sound cliché, but it’s true. As a teenager, I was quiet. I spent a lot of time locked in my room reading books. [...]

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Stigma Fighters: Berni B

Sickness, Stress and Self-doubt… And Then There’s Me…. By Berni OK, I was a miserable child, from what I remember. I was the only kid with glasses. I moved about because dad's work moved about. So I joined my junior school mid-year. Don’t ask me at what age. Anyway I was bullied at junior school [...]

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Stigma Fighters: Avi Golden

I was working as a paramedic in Long Island and preparing to go to medical school. My father has a condition called Mitral Valve Prolapse, which resulted in him having a surgical procedure. Because the condition is hereditary, I opted to have a voluntary surgical procedure on my heart to preserve my overall health. 95 [...]

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Stigma Fighters: Amy McCullough

When I was a child, I was told to fear strangers; that they were the threat to my innocence. Unfortunately, I was never told that real danger would come from someone in my own family. When I was 10 years old, my great grandfather molested me. It wasn’t enough that he stole my innocence from me, [...]

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Stigma Fighters: Megan Kelsay

Darkness surrounds me and I feel as though I can’t breathe. All I want to do is sleep and cry, but then I see a light at the end of the tunnel. I try to get up, but it’s like something is holding me down so I can’t move. I try to move but it [...]

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Stigma Fighters : Shawna Ayoub Ainslie

Anxious All Over I’m anxious all over. You can’t know me without seeing it. You don’t really need to know me to see it. I am told frequently to calm down. Strangers reassure me that “everything is okay.” And I know they mean well, but it hurts sometimes. I’ve been guilty of this myself—looking at [...]

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Stigma Fighters : Mike Fierro

There's been a lot of talk recently about the stigma of mental illness. There's only one way to erase a stigma, and that's by shining a light on individual stories. This is mine ... I have Bipolar Disorder. I first showed signs of the disease in my teens, but wasn't diagnosed until last year. Don't [...]

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Stigma Fighters : Erica Schwartz

“How did I get here?” It’s a question I used to obsess over, feeling distraught over what I felt were the world’s standards for my age versus what I had actually accomplished at that point in time. I grieved how much I felt was stolen from me because of my mental illness and wondered if [...]