Stigma Fighters: Courtney Keesee – 16

I was two when the yelling began
Too young to understand.
Three when the yelling
Was no longer just yelling
Four when the feel of a hand against my face
Became an everyday thing
I was five
When the kids began to ask
Six when the makeup
Began to cover more and more of me
Seven when the words held a meaning
That led to so much hate
Eight when I lost the support
I had been desperately holding on to
Nine when the pain began to break me
I was 10 the first time I thought of death
As a comforting end
Eleven when I began to lose everything
Twelve when I gave up
Thirteen when the voices in my head,
Became my only friends
Fourteen when my head against a locker door,
Hurt less than the words did
I was fifteen when he touched me
His hands remaining forever on my skin
His body etched into my memory
I was sixteen when I had enough
I was sixteen when I found my voice
I was sixteen when I began to ask for change
I was sixteen.

Courtney Dress


Courtney is the Content Manager for Stigma Fighters Teen, where voices are heard. She has been featured on Psychology Today.

  • jess.⚓

    So much love to you, Courtney, you are a beautiful person,

  • Alexandra De Vos

    Beautiful…thank you Courtney.