Kira Dorothy – Voiceless with Fibromyalgia

Have you ever asked yourself what your inner child wants you to do? Do you ever have moments where you really want to do something and know you shouldn't and you do it anyway? Or moments when you do NOT want to do something and do it anyway? Or you just can't decide which to [...]

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Teleaha Dozier-Grady – My Mental Health Journey

Childhood I know I did not have anxiety or depression when I was a kid. Yes, I was anxious about getting friends because I was a shy and quiet person. I also knew I had a hard time making friends because of it. So, my mother enrolled me in an after-school program and dance classes. [...]

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Kyle Gadaire – Upheaval

Having been seduced and subsequently beaten into a pulp by this variety of mental illnesses, I have been placed in this burning seat again. Poked and prodded, like a newly discovered extraterrestrial, this process is beginning to bore me to a slow death. God, just make this repetitive bullshit stop. A constant droning inside my [...]

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Sarah Smith – How My Kid Grounds Me

My kid knows how to ground me. If you don’t know exactly what grounding is you are probably one of the lucky that don’t suffer from anxiety. I do suffer from anxiety quite badly. I frequently get panic attacks, sometimes out of nowhere it seems. But my seven-year-old, he knows how to ground me. He [...]

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