Kira Dorothy – My Body is not a War Zone: Challenging the Eating Disorder Warrior Narrative.

*Content Warning: brief mention of disordered eating and specific foods. Over the last 4 years, I have talked about personifying Eating Disorders as a way to separate the person from the illness. I have talked about Ed as this mean, manipulative, lying jerk. I have used phrases like “kick Ed’s ass”, “break up with Ed”, [...]

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Dissociative Jess – On Integration

What are we but the sum of our memories and experiences? What if experiences are not remembered? What happens when that knowledge may be recovered? What does integration mean, really? What does it mean to be "multiple?" Separate experiences arise in separate states of conscious awareness. Each identity with their different set of memories stored, [...]

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Kira Dorothy McCarthy – No one knew the extent of my childhood anxiety

My strongest childhood memories are of headaches, backaches, sore legs, fatigue, and the constant feeling of needing to be small and of needing to hide. I presented to the world as a typical child. I was sometimes shy, sometimes outgoing, and usually very talkative. I went to ballet, jazz, tap dance, swimming, and piano lessons. [...]

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Kassidy Skarison – Euphoric Aspirations

When I first started taking medication for my depression I was ecstatic. I was finally going to be happy all the time. My doctor told me that it would take at least four weeks for me to notice a difference. I couldn’t wait until that month was over. I was going to finally be able [...]

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Chasing the Dragon of Bliss

by Lindsay Holmes Trigger Warning: This article contains graphic descriptions of suicide and self-harm. In his song “Hurts So Good,” John Mellencamp had it almost right. Sure, love may sometimes hurt good, but not in the way I’m talking about. I’m referring to the sweet burning release from pressing and [...]

Zachary Phillips

I had a traumatic childhood. My father was an addict, chronic hoarder, paranoid schizophrenic and a dealer. Whilst he never hurt me directly, the clientele he let into his house was a different story. For most of my young life, each day was an endless tedium of boredom and neglect punctuated by moments of intense [...]

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Hannah Higdon – Depression

Depression. You ask me: "what does depression look like?" Well, depression can be many things or just one thing at once. Sometimes, depression doesn’t look like anything; Sometimes depression is hidden. Depression has traits that are hard to understand. Depression looks like hands of a stranger coming up behind you grasping your neck, leaving little [...]

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