Drowning – Budgie Bigelow

I’m drowning. I’m drowning and I’m terrified. The water is deep, dark, and cold. I’m so close to my house, but there’s nobody around to help me. I reach out, my white hand breaking the dark water, grasping for someone, anyone. But there’s no one. My hand falls, rippling the water as it goes back [...]

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Elspeth Roake

Mental Illness and its Pain Pain is universal, varied, and subjective. An evolutionary deterrent and motivator, in some ways essential, in some ways utterly pointless. It can provide common ground, or be the most isolating of experiences. Everyone falls somewhere within its range. My pain came from depression. Not everyone experiences depression in this way; [...]

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Linla – Hello Bipolar

Saying Goodbye to My Blog, "Hello Bipolar Linla" The last thing I posted on my blog was on December 2nd, 2017. That post was titled, “It’s Been A While…” and in that post I wrote the following: “I am scared of the future because I have no clue what is going to come next. I [...]

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3 Reasons Jesus isn’t An Anti-Depressant

Jesus isn’t an anti-depressant. There is some sort of misconception among Christians that faith and prayer to Jesus is some sort of cure-all for mental illness. Instead of viewing mental illness as a physiological illness, they treat it like a spiritual one that the mystic powers of Jesus alone can heal. Now, I’m not knocking [...]

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Mary Burgess

The Trees Have Leaves ​ The first time a person with vision problems puts on a pair of glasses, a common remark is “The trees have leaves!”  The light shining between separate and distinct leaves, even the translucent green with thin veins. The viewer is capable of seeing a delicate image of beauty, where before [...]

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Sparklle Rainne – DEATHMATCH: The Battle Between Co-Morbid Illnesses

Let's have a little chat about co-morbidity, shall we?   Many people with mental health conditions receive multiple diagnoses. I am one of those people! In fact, I have 19 diagnoses total if we include my physical health problems. Co-morbidity is common. According to the ADAA, almost half of people diagnosed with an anxiety disorder [...]

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Rachel Ann DeLay

My name is Rachel Ann DeLay and when I was a little girl living in rural New Mexico, I obsessively worried about tsunamis. I’m nineteen years old and attend the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque as a psychology major with a minor in journalism. I found myself to be extremely passionate about mental health [...]

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