Charlotte Underwood

I’m a mental health advocate but I struggle to talk to my family about mental health. I’m a mental health advocate, I literally live to be honest and candid about my own mental health. My raw approach to talking about mental health not only helps me understand myself but it has also helped others and [...]

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What are Kate Spade’s and Anthony Bourdain’s Tragic Suicides Trying to Teach Us?- Andrea Bijou

What are Kate Spade's and Anthony Bourdain's Tragic Suicides Trying to Teach Us? In the wake of Kate Spade and now Anthony Bourdain’s tragic suicides, many of us are contemplating why depression and suicide are so prevalent in our society. Healthcare, though expensive, is readily available and is better than any other time in our [...]

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Living As A Highly Sensitive Person & Learning To Manage Your Mind

Living As A Highly Sensitive Person & Learning To Manage Your Mind I've been a highly sensitive person with anxiety, and depressive moods my whole life. But I’ve never been officially diagnosed. It should have been obvious from the beginning. My parents moved house to send me to a safe junior school. My first school [...]

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Tristan J. Miller

Fall in love with your future self By Tristan Miller A problem often faced by those who have mental health issues is that investing in your future. For those who have ADHD, PTSD, and depression, this is particularly difficult. When one has these issues, it is difficult to imagine a future, let alone a pleasant [...]

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Eleña Horvitz Reflections on Depression

Reflections on Depression Writing, like everything else in this complex web of life, must find a state of balance. While I do believe that it is important for me to document my experiences with depression, I also know the wonders that come from writing in the present tense and with the purpose of practicing gratitude. [...]

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Teens Can Have Real Mental Health Issues

Depression and any other mental illness doesn't care about how old you are. Teenagers suffer from mental illness like adults do. Just because you’re a teenager doesn’t mean that your depression is a phase. Teenagers can have clinical depression and it is extremely real. It isn’t fair to judge them that way, to believe they can't have mental illness [...]

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