An unrecognizable version of me

Let me tell you about a time, a time of crime, well it’s a crime in my head, a memory that still fills me with dread. Hitting rock bottom on a personal level, I staggered into my flatmates room with a knife, out of my mind, a sign of hope I couldn’t find, deep down [...]

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Self Esteem is Bullshit – Aaron J. Smith @CulturalSavage

We grew up with self-esteem We grew up with this notion that to be happy, we needed to have good self-esteem. We were taught to be self-confident, assured, secure in ourselves. We were told to fake it till you make it, to project a sense of self-esteem even when we didn’t like ourselves. This thinking [...]

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Laurel Roth Patton

HypersexualityMaySometimesBeAtrocious By the time you wonder if you’re manic, you already are. I check off symptoms on the Goldberg Mania Questionnaire, hoping I don’t meet the highest score, florid mania. Ivan Goldberg was pretty clever. Loss of interest in eating and sleeping? Definitely. Hypersexuality? Nope. But before the plane takes off on my way home [...]

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Vincent Leao- The Shame of Hyper-Sexuality

Shame is a stronger, more-lasting emotion than love or grief. It’s can stain one’s soul in shades that never lighten or fade with time. Sex is so often the earliest lesson plan in shame. There are expectations and attitudes which are acceptable within contexts we learn through trial and error, standards to cleave to demonstrate [...]

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Dreaming of My Therapist But Not Stalking Her – Statia Manger

So, after I nearly took my own life back in 2011, it was only that point in my mental history that I really focused on being real with myself. I went through a lengthy outpatient program. I found a (nother) therapist. She was one of many. There have been so many therapists that have floated through [...]

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Drowning – Budgie Bigelow

I’m drowning. I’m drowning and I’m terrified. The water is deep, dark, and cold. I’m so close to my house, but there’s nobody around to help me. I reach out, my white hand breaking the dark water, grasping for someone, anyone. But there’s no one. My hand falls, rippling the water as it goes back [...]

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