To our valued readers:

To our valued readers, contributors, and community members: Today I write to you on behalf of Stigma Fighters’ Board of Directors and our CEO, Sarah Fader, to express our most deeply felt apology for any offense that was caused by a recent article published to our blog, “MeToo? Probably Not.” Your feedback is valuable and [...]

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Kurt Morris

When I first experienced bipolar symptoms in college it was as though sadness had gotten jacked up to an excruciating level. From the time of my early teens I had dealt with depression and the occasional suicidal thought. There was some irritability as well, but nothing that caught me off guard. My depression was familiar [...]

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Jaclyn Melander

Broken Mirrors I’m standing in front of the full-length mirror in my bedroom, scrutinizing my reflection while I devour the rest of my Halloween candy. The walls are plastered with flashy posters of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, my current idols. I look at their identical, doe-eyed faces, then back at my own, scowling at my [...]

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#MeToo? Probably Not – By Sarah Smith

Disclaimer: the article below was accepted by a Stigma Fighters as an expression of the author’s experience of living with trauma and mental illness. The author’s statements are hers alone and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Stigma Fighters leadership team, the values of our organization, or the feelings of our community members. [...]

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Sarah Smith – Night Terrors -**Trigger Warning** Sexual Abuse

**Trigger Warning** Sexual Abuse is the topic of this article. I am afraid to go to sleep. I actually don’t sleep very often, I more like pass out. I force myself to stay awake so long that eventually I will fall asleep on any floor in any room I am in, the kitchen included. I [...]

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Anger Can Be a Sign of Another Mental Illness

We've heard people talk about others having "anger issues," but that could mean a lot of things. There are specific mental illnesses that have anger as the primary symptom. For example, Intermittent explosive disorder (IED) is an illness that is characterized primarily by the person being extremely angry. Someone with IED has severe impulse control. This illness [...]

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Sarah Smith- How My Kid Grounds Me

My kid knows how to ground me. If you don’t know exactly what grounding is you are probably one of the lucky that don’t suffer from anxiety. I do suffer from anxiety quite badly. I frequently get panic attacks, sometimes out of nowhere it seems. But my seven-year-old, he knows how to ground me. He [...]

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What The Hell Are These Feelings? By Aaron Smith

What the hell are all these feelings? By Aaron Smith What are these things in our chest, derived from somewhere deep in our psyche? We call them happiness, anger, sadness, joy. We feel these things as the days go by, but what are they exactly? Are they just arbitrary spasms of brain chemistry? Are they [...]

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