Childhood Therapist – Sarah Fader

I recall sitting in her office. She was warm and had a lovely smile. My childhood therapist. I didn’t know her name and I had no idea why I was there but my parents took me to her every week after nursery school. I played with G.I. Joe’s small plastic figurines; they were always saving [...]

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What if you could fix yourself in an alternate universe

Virtual Reality Therapy is a real thing. It sounds weird, right? To call something "virtual" a real thing. But it is! Apparently, there are therapists who allow their clients the opportunity to face their fears in a safe environment that is simulated. The person who is undergoing VR Therapy is in this form of treatment [...]

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What’s Your Mental Wellness Potion?

How many ways are there to get well? You can CBT your way to wellness by combating negative thoughts, find the pain in your body by doing gestalt therapy, analyze your childhood in the psychodynamic model, find the deep root of your pain in psychoanalysis, face your fears in exposure therapy or do all of [...]

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Mariah Warren

"I'm just beginning to see, now I'm on my way."- The Moody Blues Merriam-Webster offers several definitions of the word “shock.” Two, in particular, stand out to me: 1) “a sudden or violent mental or emotional disturbance/something that causes such disturbance, and 2) sudden stimulation of the nerves and convulsive contraction of the muscles caused [...]

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Underneath She Can Hear Me

Underneath she can hear me. After every performance, I went backstage, downed a beer and shut off my feelings. It was easier that way. Music was and is my way to cope with pain. I could sing my anger and pain out. I've tried everything to get in touch with her, from writing, therapy to going [...]

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I Wasn’t a Bitch; I Was Schizophrenic -Michelle Hammer

I Wasn't a Bitch; I Was Schizophrenic -Michelle Hammer I didn't want to speak. I didn't want to be noticed. I didn't want to be bothered. I wanted to be completely ignored. It was high school, and I was an undiagnosed paranoid Schizophrenic. I remember thinking, “What's the point?” What was the point of doing [...]

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