Stigma Fighters Founder and CEO Sarah Fader created Eliezer Tristan Publishing Inc., in February 2018. We are continuous partners with this independent publishing company, who shares our aim to raise awareness about mental illness, stories of resilience, and more. Eliezer Tristan Publishing Inc. has grown rapidly.

As part of their mission, we are coming together to create a photo/video project where we are giving
people a platform to share their stories. The first installment of
this series will be of ETP team member and Stigma Fighters contributor Sparklle Rainne sharing her story
of living with Fibromyalgia. Please subscribe to Eliezer Tristan Publishing Inc.’s  YouTube channel
and let us know if you’d like to participate in this project! We would love to work with you.


This project is self-funded, as is Stigma Fighters as a whole. To keep Stigma Fighters and Eliezer Tristan Publishing Inc. up and running, much of our funding comes from the pocket of our Founder and CEO. Her passion and drive to share people’s stories is selfless and honorable.

Please share these links or donate to keep Stigma Fighters and Eliezer Tristan Publishing Inc. up  and running:

Thank you for the continuous support of our contributors and supporters. Happy Labor Day weekend!