Giving People Space to Process Their Feelings – By Sarah Fader CEO

One of the challenges that I have in my life is knowing when to give people space to process their own feelings. I want to be involved in helping my friends and loved ones. My inclination is to provide them with helpful solutions so that they can better more through their pain. I am a person [...]

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How Mental Illness Impacts Relationships – by CEO Sarah Fader

When you have a mental illness (or mental health issues) they are bound to impact your interpersonal relationships. As people living with mental illness, we experience a wide array of symptoms depending on our diagnosis. From the highs of mania to the hallucinations of schizophrenia - your partner is bound to be impacted by these [...]

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What the Negative Thought Bubbles Are Telling Me – Sarah Schuster

What the Negative Thought Bubbles Are Telling Me by Sarah Schuster I call them “negative thought bubbles” because those are the only words I can access at the time. Lying in my high school boyfriend’s bed, I explain to him matter-of-factly he has to let me be until all the bubbles pop. *Pop* You’re a [...]

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Bipolar: A Pharmacist’s View – Laura Romeo

Bipolar: A Pharmacist's View When I got my first job at a retail pharmacy after graduation, I had no idea what to expect. Sure I had worked at the neighborhood pharmacy all through high school and part of college, but we were still filling prescriptions old school with a typewriter. We knew each customer by [...]

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Psych Ward Intake – Jennifer Selinger

Psych Ward Intake (ALL NAMES CHANGED) Dr. Dapirsky had very hairy legs, which she kept under beige nylons. The nylons made her calves look like hairy bank robbers, accessorized with orthopedic shoes. She had long, wiry gray hair parted down the middle, dark eyebrows and round wire glasses. She reminded me of a very eccentric [...]

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Dear Mamas Like Me: You are not alone – Shawna Ayoub Ainslie

Dear Mamas Like Me: You are not alone Dear Mamas Like Me, You who struggle daily with mental illness, neurodiversity or past trauma. This is for you. Know you are seen. Know you are not alone. TW for abuse and sexual violence I want to speak up about what it's like to be a mother [...]

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S. Matthew McNally

When I was young, about seven or eight, I had “blackouts.” That was my word for them. Not because I lost consciousness or had holes in my memory. They were “blackouts” because it felt like I was blacking out from reality like the world was suddenly a bit more tenuous. Everything around me seemed to [...]

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Aura Bishop – The Stigma of PMDD

The Stigma of PMDD I love being a woman. I love my body and everything it can do. I love feeling maternal and being in touch with my emotions and utilizing my intuition as much as my logic and any other skills I have. I love my jeans and boots and sneakers, but I love [...]

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Sakinah – For me social anxiety is like this

For me social anxiety is like this: It’s not wanting people to look at me when I’ve put on makeup because they might see my flaws, but then not wanting them to ignore me either because that hurts my feelings as a highly sensitive person. It’s not wanting to feel their eyeballs on my skin [...]

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