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Katherine Elizabeth Walsh – Exit Signs In Blood Lines

~Exit Signs In Blood Lines~ *Author’s note, self-harm is a long and hard recovery road, please ask yourself if you are in a place to read about someone else’s self-harm experience before reading on. If you need to talk to someone here are some options. I love you, Warriors. Keep. Going: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline [...]

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There is so much stigma and misinformation around the topic of self-harm, commonly, it's associated with young female teens and often seen as a trend or as a way to get attention. Let me tell you that if someone is hurting their self; they need your attention. Nobody hurts themselves without reason. That person with [...]

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Kira McCarthy – The Eating Disorder Symptoms we Don’t Talk About

Eating Disorders have a higher mortality rate when compared with other mental illnesses. And yet it continues to be stigmatized and not talked about enough. Diet culture is pervasive and clever, and the selling of “health” as a product we can consume affects all our choices, whether we are conscious of it or not. It [...]

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Katherine Elizabeth Walsh

I have had an eating disorder for longer than I have not had an eating disorder. It shocks me how little people still know and understand about them. When new studies come out about eating disorders, they have never discovered anything that I haven't already known for years. I don't know what they are studying [...]

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Dana Boyer – A Full and Competent Person

Usually, I do best with a steep learning curve, logical facts to wrestle, and practical plans to make. So when I found myself pregnant again (mostly accidentally) when my oldest was 22 months, I settled in to figure out a way to deal with what was crippling post-partum depression the last time around. It was [...]

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Nena Boling-Smith

Reflecting back on the last almost decade and a half of my bipolar diagnosis, I’ve noticed my perspective has shifted when it comes to considering the most difficult part. At first, it was the mania. Not exactly being in the middle of an episode, but the aftermath of what to do with purchases, or bank [...]

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Candy Aponte – HURT and HOPE

Some days, everything hurts. It's nothing specific, everything hurts. Waking up, opening my eyes, moving, hurt. Familiar sounds, sights, and scents hurt. Unconditional love from my husband and dogs hurt. Passions I'm excited about: cooking, writing, yoga, meditation, all hurt. I realize none of these things are trying to hurt me; I am drowning in [...]

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