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Mackenna Elizabeth Finley – 13 reasons why not

Hey. It’s me. I am not Hannah Baker. I am not the beautiful Katherine Langford. I am not Hollywood’s depiction on a suicidal teenage girl whose life is shot in warm manila lighting and has her story painted as heroic. This is not that story. There is nothing heroic, or glamorous, or beautiful about it. [...]

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Shaylynn Hayes – Misophonia Is Being Researched, But Advocacy Need Grows

I’m an advocate for the disorder Misophonia[]. Lately, you may have seen it in the press. I should be happy. I should be jumping for joy that my disorder is being researched – and even more joy that it’s been featured around the world by the media. Unfortunately, I’m too close to all this. I’ve [...]

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Douglas Lent – OCD and the Prince of Peace

Sunday morning church service is a time of quiet reflection to draw nearer to God. To God. To God. Stop it. But for myself, and the rest of the one in forty adults with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, that quietness doesn't come on Sunday. Or any other day. There is no real quiet with OCD. [...]

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TAK Erzinger – When my mind and body started miscommunicating

In today’s ever-changing world the way we speak to each other is continually evolving. With the help of technology, a whole new language has been made available to us through smartphones. It has enabled us to interact more efficiently. Yet there is still one line of communication that needs improvement and that is the one [...]

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Cody McNicol – Depression Coma: Or, How I Attempt to Stop Time

Bed: The quicksand trap The legend The pause in my existence for months Urine in bottles Yellow stained teeth Bed hair for weeks Time to get up When the child breaks the silence Start somewhere; start; with this. This, is anything and everything I want it to be This, is honesty; despite all of the [...]

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Kira Dorothy

*Content Warning: explicit Eating Disorder symptoms, the use of numbers and weight-related discussion. Eating Disorders are not a diet. They are not a phase. They are not vanity. An Eating Disorder is a psychiatric illness. It has the highest mortality rate of any other mental illness. Did you know that the only thing you can [...]

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