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Dori Owen – Schedules Promote Stability

Schedules Promote Stability Trains run on a schedule and so do I. When trains don’t run on time, things can go very wrong and affect actions and people. The same is also true with me. Even before my diagnosis of bipolar I, I discovered that my days and nights were better when I kept a [...]

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Martin Baker – A letter to someone who stopped talking to me – Dear Mum, Love Martin

The following post is from a series called " A letter to someone who stopped talking to me." The posts from this series will appear on Stigma Fighters and Bank Back Together. Dear Mum. It’s been a while since I wrote you. Six months. What was the last thing I sent you? A postcard, probably. [...]

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Charles Watson

People Scare Me: The Realities of Social Anxiety Disorder Growing up, I never really saw myself as a confident person. I recall that my earliest memory of being shy around people occurred in preschool. As we did our usual routines and some children were trying to talk to me, I felt uncomfortable with myself. Something [...]

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Maddie M. White

Anxiety isn’t a four-letter word. It’s not something you should feel embarrassed to say in front of your friends and family. It’s an ugly reality for anyone that experiences it. I’m lucky to have had a support system while my anxiety reared its ugly head, but not everyone is and not everyone understands. The first [...]

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David. A. Katz

The Nature of the Beast BY: David. A. Katz July 7th 2018 We talking human nature here Remember the movie, ‘Dances with wolves? What I remember most, were two young male members of the tribe the soldier befriended. One is gay and accepted with disregard to his effeminate nature. The other is a non-neuro-typical warrior [...]

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