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Aliah Scantlin

When I say anxiety, what comes to your mind? You might say nervousness, stress, or maybe even depression. Which leads me to question number two, when I say depression, what comes to your mind? Most people think they know whats going on when you say you have anxiety or depression. "Oh I feel sad sometimes too" or "Don't [...]

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Kirsten von Aulock

Some women approach the topic of pregnancy with thoughts of optimism and enthusiasm. Others, meet this topic after deep reflection and deliberation. And even fewer women, broach the topic of pregnancy with honest fear and apprehension. "According to Psychology Today (2015), Research suggests that women are about 40% more likely than men to develop depression. [...]

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Hadley Thayer

Running: Away from or towards myself I have only one tattoo. It’s located on the inside of my left wrist and simply says, “Stay”. I got it immediately after leaving my first ED treatment center, at 18 years old, and haven’t gotten another since. It’s the most important message from myself, to myself. It’s also [...]

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Katie Troia

I am 24 years old, and I was diagnosed with Bipolar II when I was 19 after years of struggling with mental health. A little over a year ago was the first time I learned about ECT (electroconvulsive therapy). ECT is a kind of treatment that you only consider as a last resort. I had [...]

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Ryan Moulton

Many years ago I intended to tell my story for the It Gets Better campaign. In those days, I was a successful business executive despite having never finished high school, having been homeless and struggling at 16 years old. Through a series of fortunate and unfortunate events, I managed to survive, not unscathed, but I [...]

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Andrea Vermillion-Guy

“The greatest expression of rebellion is joy.” -Joss Whedon Getting out of bed this morning is a struggle. Everything feels tender and sore, both physically and emotionally, and part of me tries again to convince the other part of me that it would be so much better to stay under the covers all day. I’ve [...]

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