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Stigma Fighters : Bill Friday

Whispers Brains on the bathroom floor Gloating Consciousness above me Floating Despair at life unlived Responsibility relieved Bucket made of bone A sieve Whispers of all doubt Believed. Copyright © 2009, 2014, 2015 Bill Friday *   *   * Bill Friday is a very much living Fictionary, 8 Megapixel Artist, and Bloody Awful Poet, [...]

Stigma FIghters : Renae Williams

Which Mind Will Show? Which mind minds what I bring for show and tell? The one that’s always late or the stickler for the bell? Which mind's telling, who is here for show? Visual flamboyance, or my verbal plateau? Who’s pulling strings when clutter is my camp? Who’s pouring ink for pessimists stamp? Is it [...]

Stigma Fighters : Renae Williams

Talking about mental health is how we progress mindsets. “The Devil’s Pulling Strings” is a reflection of both personal, and professional experiences with Schizophrenia. A distrust in reality is heartbreaking to see, and difficult to mend. Daily function becomes hampered by your own demons and contradicting truths. Through living in New York, I am submerged [...]


SLOW MOTION by Hastywords Anxiety Infects her thoughts Holding her hostage Screening and erasing Her cries for help Fear Riddles her with angst Constantly chastising Rendering her helpless To its mindless chatter Irrationality Hijacks her emotions Running high speed Full throttled attack Beating her senseless Depression Sends in its battalion Of whispering ants Surrender this [...]

Stigma Fighters : Deborah Wiseman

My head is a Room And each thought a person Who walks from one side to the Other – performs his task And then walks out But sometimes, There is a thought who flits Near the top In no particular order And he says Not quite loudly enough That it should cause alarm “I think [...]