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Stigma Fighters: Tyler Schlosser

I was sitting as still as I could on our old couch, but time seemingly didn't notice my static state and continued to blissfully tick as I sat there, my body as a statue and my mind as a vortex. It was only 10 minutes until my first shift, my first real shift anyway, at [...]

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Stigma Fighters: Renae Williams

Etching Therapeutically It’s amazing how tears never flow when fingers bleed through the screen. When a mind becomes tangible through etchings. The feelings caged find face. A picture. A palpable existence. Words are my minds eternal soul. ________________________________________________ Dear Words, If I didn’t find you, who would I be? Would I live among the pill [...]

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Stigma Fighters: Ruth Z Deming

WRITE POETRY, HE SAID At age 38, I was dancing and singing at the top of my lungs in my second-storey apartment, while my two young children slept peacefully in their bedrooms. The year was 1984 and I had no idea my brain was rattling and clanging inside as I experienced my first manic-psychotic episode. [...]

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Stigma Fighters: Heydon Hensley

And Depression Is two hands squeezing strangling until you’re dry too dry so dry you wonder if desiccation only happens to corpses Depression is the fear that you’re immortal in a world of goodnight kisses painfully unlaced with cyanide staring into the void and letting it seep in until you are what is left a [...]

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Stigma Fighters: Emily

They don’t know… What it feels like to be inside my head All day Long. To run with the thoughts and fears That whiz through my brain Constantly. To worry about what others will think Because I’m not “normal.” Or what people conceive as normal. They don’t know How hard I try to appear normal, [...]

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Stigma Fighters: The contents of my yoga mat

The contents of my yoga mat: 1 battered body 1 tormented mind Finally forced to acknowledge each others' presence. Struggling to keep the pace I confront my body's limitations. In asanas of repose Trauma seeps through the cracks of my resolve to be mindful. Om? PTSD thrives on avoidance But in this room there is [...]

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Stigma Fighters : Bridget

I finished this today and I wanted to share it with you. It's kinda the easiest way to tell you or others how I feel. Imagine yourself Alone in your head You're hanging, dangling From a silver thread Empty, alone With the monsters within Internally screaming You just want to give in Now imagine that's [...]

Stigma Fighters : Michelle Lee Gagnon

THE SURVIVOR EXCERPT #1 One day you see it from the outside. It breaks you and everyone else it touches. Broken is the only word to describe it, because the people are never the same people again. Their lives have been forever altered and they can never go back to who they once were. Life [...]

Stigma Fighters : Ruby L. Taylor, M.S.W.

“I Wanted To Kill Myself” My brain injury changed me and took away my hope, my smile, my laughter, and the life I knew The heaviness of that burden made me want to GO The life I knew had changed so much that a darkness came over me that I could not shake All I [...]