Angie Miller

Depression: Thinking in Metaphors I am depressed. The realization comes barreling down on me like a truck with no brakes, slamming headlong as splinters and shards slice open my reality. But the doctor isn’t in the office today. And it’s the weekend. And the counselor has no available openings for months. And I realize that [...]

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Stigma Fighters: It’s Me, Isn’t It?

It’s Me, Isn’t It? My dream was to get a PhD. in Philosophy from either Vanderbilt or Princeton. I’d been accepted to both of their graduate / postgraduate programs. It was Spring. I had spent all my years since college saving and planning for this. My problems started out with a (relatively) simple emotional issue: [...]

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I have never been the one to bring blind optimism into any situation. I mean, I’ve always believed in hope, and having faith, but never that everything will work out exactly how I want. Frankly, the world doesn’t work that way, and I knew this even as a young child. My parents used to tell [...]

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Amanda Berger

Locked Out Hopping onto the bathroom vanity made of fake marble, that my mother called elegant, I studied my face. The answer to my question had to be hiding somewhere in my features. Why wouldn't other kids play with me? With desperation, I searched my reflection for what made me unacceptable. Two slightly slanted green [...]

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Olivia McGinley-Hoy

a matter of staying I didn’t want to be there. I truly didn’t. But I knew I had to be. On July 26th, 2016 I tried to commit suicide. I had always dealt with the issues and setbacks of having a mental illness all throughout my adolescent years, but they extremely increased as I got [...]

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