Right now I feel like I’m standing on fairly level ground looking back over the past several months of spiraling anxiety and depression like a rocky, brambly, dark, deep canyon I just traversed. Things are slowing down now and seem a bit brighter. All the sleepless nights and nightmares, the headaches and stomachaches, the loss [...]

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Erica Roberts

“Give it up for adoption,” he said, waving his hands as he spoke. “I’m sure there’s options other than a traumatic surgery if you don’t want a child.” He grinned and sipped his coffee. “But really,” he continued, carelessly setting down the cup and nearly knocking it over, “I have zero say in the matter, [...]

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Arslan Akhtar Ali

My name is Arslan Akhtar Ali and I am from Islamabad, Pakistan.I was having left eye ptosis by birth. My life went painful when my father started beating my mom on daily basis at that time I was only 5 years old.I started suppressing my emotions but I was unaware of the upcoming more extremely [...]

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Krista Pylkki

I didn’t know anyone.  Maybe that’s why it happened.  I had family history of it.  Maybe that’s what happened.  During October of my freshman year of college, symptoms of mental illness began.  It was scary and foreign to me.  I didn’t know what it was or what to do and suffered in silence for the [...]

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Stigma Fighters: Marianne Peel

Ceremony It began with miniature bruises, really. An index finger pressed hard onto the septum of the nose. Determined pressure to rid the face of one bony protrusion. Counting to one hundred ten times. A perverted rosary prayer nightly without benefit of bead or crucifix before disappearing into sleep. Cuts followed later. Innocuous little incisions, [...]

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