Karen Kaiser

Wrestling for Control of My Mental Health Mental illness is a unique issue in that everybody has an opinion about what it is, how to treat it, the use/efficacy of medication, etc. Often, the person suffering doesn’t have a voice. In the past, I worked as a caretaker and nursing assistant for patients with physical [...]

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Stigma Fighters: It’s Me, Isn’t It?

It’s Me, Isn’t It? My dream was to get a PhD. in Philosophy from either Vanderbilt or Princeton. I’d been accepted to both of their graduate / postgraduate programs. It was Spring. I had spent all my years since college saving and planning for this. My problems started out with a (relatively) simple emotional issue: [...]

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Jess Landwer

Bipolar has destroyed me. I suffer from a mental illness known as Bipolar disorder. Most people know it as the "happy and sad disorder". Most people know it as one stage you are elated, and the other, you are depressed. Yes, you are right about the "sad" being depression. But the "happy" spectrum, you aren't [...]

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Beth Moore

It Shines By: Beth Moore I’m quick to reflect on high school glory days. It’s pretty silly, seeing as how I’ve not even reached the 10-year reunion mark. Flipping through my old yearbook, I noticed one of my favorite teachers wrote “Dear Beth, calling you a delicate flower would not give justice to your violently [...]

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Stigma Fighters: The Summer of the Spare Tire

It was rare that my sister, Sandi, and I visited my father at the same time, but that summer things had fallen into place, and we spent the last weeks of July crammed into a trailer five miles outside Belton. The trailer was half a century old, eight feet wide and forty feet long, but [...]

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Stigma Fighters: Carl Wade Thompson

Bipolar Tide My mind moves like the ocean, coming and going with the moon. The tide rolls in—mania, I am at the top of the world. There’s nothing I can do, mental waves crashing down. Vision distorted by emotion, can’t trust my brain anyhow. The tide rolls out-depression, I am the lowest of the lows. [...]

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Stigma Fighters: Jed Diamond

When I found my father’s journals, I knew I had to stop running away from mental illness. They were at the bottom of a box containing his unpublished plays and stories that revealed his struggles during the time I was growing up. By the time I read them I was a successful psychotherapist with a [...]

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