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Zachary Phillips

I had a traumatic childhood. My father was an addict, chronic hoarder, paranoid schizophrenic and a dealer. Whilst he never hurt me directly, the clientele he let into his house was a different story. For most of my young life, each day was an endless tedium of boredom and neglect punctuated by moments of intense [...]

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Hannah Higdon – Depression

Depression. You ask me: "what does depression look like?" Well, depression can be many things or just one thing at once. Sometimes, depression doesn’t look like anything; Sometimes depression is hidden. Depression has traits that are hard to understand. Depression looks like hands of a stranger coming up behind you grasping your neck, leaving little [...]

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Natasha Velez

She had been the fearless one, entrapped in a perception that she had created for so long. She listened silently as her friends commented on the latest news. Another famous person had taken their own life. “What a waste” one said “I don’t feel sorry for them, they had everything,” Said another “Why?” was heard [...]

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Cindy Kolbe – Struggling with Serendipity

I was voted most likely to succeed as a high school senior. Like so many things in my life, it surprised me. I thought I understood success, but I was wrong. My first year at Ohio State, I fell head-over-heels in love and married the next summer. A month after my wedding, newly 19, I [...]

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