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Sarah Urscheler- But it Didn’t Seem Like Postpartum Depression

                                      But it Didn't Seem Like Postpartum Depression “It’s not uncommon to suffer from postpartum depression,” my infant’s pediatrician said to me during a routine checkup. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of.” Her tone was soft but [...]

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Sarah Comerford – “But what if I drop the baby?”: my life with postpartum OCD

“But what if I drop the baby?”: my life with postpartum OCD I always wanted to be a mom. When I met my husband, even though we were young and knew that starting a family was years away, it was something we still talked about and planned for. We picked out names that we liked, [...]

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It’s just the grocery store

It's just the grocery store. I don't know why I can't go there. It's not something I want to hide from. I need to get food, feed myself. I don't know why I am so afraid, so anxious, to go there. I tell myself all I have to do is get in the car. All [...]

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Stephanie Paige- Postpartum Anxiety

It started in the hospital, hours after the birth of my daughter. The worry, the persistent worry. Where was she? Why wasn't she brought to me? Hours passed where I should have caught up on sleeping as once we were home that wouldn't happen. But I couldn't. The first night in the hospital after she [...]

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Heidi Sullivan-Inyama – Goodbye Paranoia – Hello Sanity

Goodbye Paranoia - Hello Sanity Have you thought everyone was out to get you? People were always talking behind your back? Someone was conspiring against you? Everyone was lying? A shadow was constantly following you around? Well, maybe to a certain extent some of that was true, but you never knew for sure. On the [...]

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Brittni Eccleston – What I wish they told me about PostPartum

What I wish they told me about PostPartum You find out you're expecting a baby. This beautiful little human that you've literally created inside of you. You grew their heart, their lungs, their brain, all the way down to their tiny little toes. You spend nine months anticipating their arrival. You've probably chosen a name [...]

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