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David. A. Katz

The Nature of the Beast BY: David. A. Katz July 7th 2018 We talking human nature here Remember the movie, ‘Dances with wolves? What I remember most, were two young male members of the tribe the soldier befriended. One is gay and accepted with disregard to his effeminate nature. The other is a non-neuro-typical warrior [...]

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Joanna C. Valente – That Time My Therapist Told Me I Wasn’t Raped — And Other Ways People Dismissed My Body

That Time My Therapist Told Me I Wasn’t Raped — And Other Ways People Dismissed My Body   I can’t remember when it started. I remember looking up at my mother, perhaps age 4, and she was trying to get me to eat a cookie, saying I wouldn’t get fat, that it was OK. I [...]

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It’s Not Me, It’s My Brain.

“It’s Not Me, It’s My Brain” -- Sarah Comerford Recently I wrote the introduction to the fourth Stigma Fighters anthology. It was a proud moment for me. I’ve been with this organization since its inception, and I am thrilled how far we’ve come. I mention this in the introduction, but I also mention how far [...]

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Mental Illness Is Ugly – Sparklle Rainne and Sarah Fader

Mental Illness Is Ugly - Sparklle Rainne and Sarah Fader Once upon a time, I lit a box of vomit on fire. It was an attempt to hide my Bulimia. I had nowhere to purge, so I puked into a box and slept with it in my room all night until I could drag it [...]

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Lea Grover – On Rape Culture

Trigger warning- sexual assault  I was raped when I was fourteen years old. Before the assault I was a socially engaged kid, marching in “Take Back the Night” rallies, listening to And Difranco and Tori Amos, solemnly absorbing the rape stories they sang and understanding their experiences weren’t universal, but at the same time, they [...]

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Regina Singleton

I am twenty-three and I have lived with depression for half of my life. Before I was even aware of what the words depression and anxiety meant I knew there was something wrong with me. It wasn't just sadness but a persistent feeling that nothing would ever bring me happiness. My depression was the result [...]

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