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Stay during my storm

I don't want you to leave me. I am scared that you will. But don't please. I can't imagine a world without you in it. My life is better with you around. Listening, validating, talking to me about how it can be...better. How I can get better. I know how hard you try to be [...]

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Try to understand my anxiety

We connect but sometimes I feel like I am speaking another language. Maybe it's my fault. Maybe it's "my anxiety." My heart races when I wake up in the morning and I grab your arm for support. You try to tell me it's going to be fine and I want to believe that, but I [...]

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Kira McCarthy

The Day I Told an Entire Country That I Have an Eating Disorder By Kira McCarthy Eating Disorders have the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric disorder. They also have the biggest stigma. Eating Disorders (ED’s) are misunderstood, not talked about, and extremely dangerous. What makes them so dangerous is the silence. Too many people, including medical professionals, [...]

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Mary Vogt

Grip the door handle, opening with reluctance Entering foreign territory to the mind Walk to the booth, shaken to the core From the cold and sudden fear Family reads the specials for today Chowder, cheese, chocolate ganache Trembling with each word that graces my ears Time for the great escape Lavatory, my sanctuary Nauseating emaciation [...]

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My Brain

It's my brain, but I didn't ask for it. We are all born with a brain, this we know, but what we are not responsible for is what makes up our brains. My brain or my mind has a way of doing its own thing. Sometimes I'm surprised at the thoughts it has. Sometimes I [...]

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Andre Golin

Asperger’s sucks. It’s like you’re stuck at the bottom rung of a social ladder, and no one cares. Like your hands are slippery and the step is wet and every damn foot above has to step on your fingers. Asperger’s is like treading on eggshells blindfolded. It’s like playing a game where everyone but you [...]

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Pepper Joy Greggs – Depression Got Me Like

Depression got me like I'm worthless... I will be alone forever... I am no good for anything more than to be a trash can for my rapist's poison. I am so worthless that I am just the vessel for his filth... and shame on me for reeking after the fact. Depression got me like This [...]

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Javier Luna – It’s okay to be a broke-dick

“It’s okay to be a broke-dick,” by Javier Luna “Don’t be a broke-dick.” I heard this phrase a lot during my 4 years in the Marine Corps. In the military, we come up with a plethora of colorful and derogatory phrases to make the drudgery and bullshit more bearable. This one, in particular, is used [...]

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Joe Caputo – “Spring of a Silent Legend”

"Spring of a Silent Legend" In the black caverns of travel Above the city beats In the cloister of clank and babble Blind to skyscraper and streets Inhaling before the egress Poprocks peppering oxygen New York's spiritual release After decades of distance and stasis In the relativity of mind and time The metropolis is where [...]

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